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6A Learning Islam 1

Page history last edited by MaryamSoboohi 4 months, 3 weeks ago

My  name is Maryam Soboohi and I will be teaching Learning Islam this year in second period, Heeba Sheikh and Fariha will be helping out.

We will be posting HW every week Inshallah.


Chapter1. Belief in Unseen.

HW. Work on worksheets Exercise 1.


Chapter 2. Learning about Allah.

HW. Work on Exercise 1, 2 and 3.


Chapter 3. The Universe speaks Tawheed.

HW: Work on work book chapter 3.


Chapter 4

HW: Pages 25 & 29


Chapter 5

HW Page 37 in workbook


Chapter 6 

Answer questions 5 and 6 on page A 79.


Chapter 6.

Finish open book quiz for the lesson. 


Chapter 7.

Read lesson one of chapter 7 on page A80.


HW (DUE 11/24): Do questions 1-5 on page A91 in complete sentences.


Unit B


Chapter 1. 

No HW over break! Simply study what we have read of the story of Prophet Musa so far.  

Notes taken in class:

-Who were the following people? 

  • Loha
  • Maryam
  • Haroon
  • Asiah
  • Phiron


Chapter 2. 


-Madyan: city of Prophet Shuayb in the northwestern part of Arabia

  • Prophet Musa helped water the womens’ sheep here.
  •  Musa marries one of the women and takes care of her father’s sheep for about 10 years. 
  •  During this time, Musa was preparing to become a Prophet. He was able to contemplate about life.
  • Musa’s religion was monotheism: the belief of one God

-Allah prompted Musa to return to Egypt. This was another step towards prophethood.  

Work on the questions on page B 23.


Chapter 3.

H.W. Study questions on page B 31.


Chapter 4. 

HW (DUE 12/15): Complete study questions 1-6 on page B43 in your textbook in complete sentences.


Chapter 5.

Work on the questions 1 to 5 on page B57.


Chapter 6.

H.W. study questions 1 to 5 on page B69.


Test on Unit B.


Test make up, 

Write 2 paragraphs about the story of Prophet Musa(a) and the lessons from his story, please include everything mentioned in the test.


Unit C.


Chapter 1.

Work on Study Questions 1 to 3, on page C 7.


Chapter 2.

H.W.  Study Questions 1 to 7 on page C 15.


***Parent Teacher Conference on 26 January.



HW (1/26)

  • Complete study questions 1-3 on page C21  


CW: (2/2)  Unit C Chapter 4 study questions 1-7


CW: (2/9) Unit C Chapter 5 study questions 1-4


CW: (2/16) Students answered the following questions:

  • Pg. C42 - #4
  • Pg. C46 - #1 and #2
  • Pg. C51 - #1 and #3 


HW: (2/23) Students are to read Unit D chapter 2 (pg D12). Be prepared to quiz next week. 


March 1: Students took a quiz on Unit D Chapter 2. HW was to do corrections on the quiz (if students wanted to change their grade). 


March 8: Students read Unit D chapter 3 and completed study questions 1-3 on page D27 in class. 


Because of the Covid 19 we are closed till the 15th of May. 


Kids can continue to work on Unit D. and do Study questions on


 Page D 37, D45, D 52, D 58 and D 65. Please read lessons and answer the questions.


Thank you and stay safe.


May 3rd:


May Allah keep you all safe and healthy Aameen.

As we all know that school has been cancelled for 2019-2020 but it is important to continue learningf

Don't forget to email your Home Work to me, My email is Farooq_maryam@yahoo.com.

Thank you all from all your teachers.







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